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Tips For a Great Wedding Portrait

By Grace Palce

Each and every important event that happens in a personís life should ideally be commemorated through portraits because pictures, as the saying goes, can convey more than a thousand words. Through portraits, youíll be able to remember just how it was that day, the people you were with and the relationships you had with them.

Of all occasions, itís weddings though that has an absolute need to be memorialized in portraits. After all, for most people, you only get married once so the event is incomparably special. If you are about to married, do have a wedding portrait made of yourself, the more the merrier. And if youíre worried about what you should do and consider when it comes to wedding portraits, here are a few tips.

A wedding portrait done in real-time would take several days to be made, depending on the wont and skill of an artist. If you prefer to have your wedding portrait done in this fashion, you may be forced to do so after the wedding already. On the other hand, you could also try considering having your wedding portrait based on photos taken of the occasion. This could be more practical, albeit less romantic, as you would have a lot of poses to choose from.

Ideally, a wedding portrait contains only the figures of the bride and the groom. But remember, this is your wedding so itís what you two want that counts. If you feel that you prefer a wedding portrait done of the whole family then by all means, do so.

Last but certainly not the least, itís time to think about poses and settings. After all, these factors have great influence on how a portrait turns out. Naturally, if youíre willing to have your wedding portrait based on photos, you would have a wider selection of photos to choose from and more freedom when it comes to the settings.

A bride could have her picture taken just before she leaves her home, as she steps out of the car and so on. The two lovebirds may also opt to have the moment they released the doves crystallized for eternity. On the other hand, if you decide to have your wedding portrait done at the studio, youíll be able to determine which pose for the two of you is better.

Just remember Ė itís your special day and you need a special portrait to remember it by!

Grace Palce is writing articles for direct portrait, a very fast and easy to use painting from photo service. Specializing in wedding portraits.

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