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A Look at Wedding Music

By Jake Rose

Setting the mood at a wedding is key to its success. You want to say so much without going overboard and having the event be the cause of jokes for weeks and even months to come. There is a lot that can be said with the arrangements, the location, the guest list and what not, but one of the most important aspects is the music.

Music sets the mood wherever it is used. Whether in movies, plays, commercials or celebrations, the music is what helps the people get into the environment. A wedding is no different. A good selection can aid the wedding while a bad will hinder the experience for those gathered. And a great selection will keep people glowing.

Weddings are nice celebrations for the lucky couple, but letís state the obvious: theyíre really for the friends and family to celebrate the situation. Itís a way to show off to others and really celebrate a happy time in two peopleís lives. Itís a way to allow the family and friends to experience something from the marriage.

Most people think weddings need to promote one thing: love. Love is a key part to it, but letís clarify something first. Love isnít the only thing a marriage represents. It represents friendship, trust, hope, comfort, and so many things. Love is completely different from these and so just one thing to look at for music. Plenty of love songs will be played, but there needs to be more variety.

Iím not saying you need to put in such a variety that it appears more like an hour of music an untalented DJ would play. There needs to be some focus and unity. It has to be about the couple being married and how it reflects them in more ways than just the sappy love songs that get overplayed with no real meaning behind them. You need stuff that will keep your family and friends occupied and having a good time. Even if they arenít directly listening to it, the music in the background is noticeable to the mind and will play heavily with their interaction during the event.

There are other things than love songs that need to be at a wedding. It is important to gather emotion from other things. There should be friendship and more bonding type of songs, both for the couple and for the guests. Good all around feel good songs to lift up the spirits and not just focus on romantic feelings. There should be more exciting songs, not necessarily anything extreme or heavy in nature, but stuff that makes people dance a little wild and let their energy out.

The key here is that weddings are important and unique events. They have to bring out the character of who is being married. Do different things, try different songs, and just have fun. Itís a celebration of hope and devotion, not just love. Let the music speak more than words can and set the environment that will keep the guests happy and the night memorable.

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Jake Rose is an artist and an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Writers.

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