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The Wedding Favor Tradition

By Joe Palladino

No one knows for sure how it all got started, but story has it that hundreds of years ago when the Bride and Groom decided to join hands and become one, in order to make official their commitment to one another, the witnesses which of course now a days better known as wedding party guest who attended this unity in marriage as proof of this unity took home a memento or wedding keepsake.

In this keepsake, or back in the day "scroll" was the Bride and Groom name and date of their unity as record and confirmation that the ceremony indeed took place and made legal.

The purpose of these wedding favors or bridal favors were simply to confirm the unity of the marriage and to offer these witnesses or wedding reception guest wedding favors as part of the ceremonial and reception party procedure. It was thought that thought that it was not just a gift of celebration but more of a ceremonial tradition that was required in order for it all to be legal and binding.

Of course there is no facts that this was the case but there appeared to be some type of tie between weddings ceremonies and wedding reception traditions. For example unity candles play a big roll in ceremonial church weddings.

We can all agree that these unity or ceremonial candles are used to symbolize the unity of marriage when two hearts become one.

This is the same thought that goes behind every wedding favor.

Wedding Favors are to symbolize the celebration of love and marriage but even more its a part of a tradition an acceptance of a wedding tradition where guest party favors are as much a part of marriage as the ceremony and legality itself. Favors are a part of marriage as is marriage a part of wedding favors.

Think about it for a moment. If you were to get married and had a wedding party of two hundred or so guest, the day was lovely and everything went very well, except for one thing, favors were not offered to your guest.

I am sure you feel like there was something missing at the end of the day? Your guests would definitely feel the same way if there was no type of personal wedding party favors or unique wedding favors to take home with them to remember your special day.

The reason for this is because wedding favors has now become a big part of the bridal party wedding tradition and also has become a fact of life. This tradition was believe to have started hundreds of years ago and to this day wedding favors are alive and doing very well.

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