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Reasons To Have An Outdoor Wedding

By Liam Warrillow

A wonderful ceremony outside among nature is a dream for many couples, and there are a variety of locations to consider – mountain resorts, seaside cottages, parks, the beach, or even your own backyard. Getting married in the arms of Mother Nature, surrounded by the beautiful scenery and your friends and family, makes for a lovely ceremony to start your new life with the one you love.

1. You get to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life surrounded by beautiful scenery. Traditional views or wild country! You get to enjoy being outside in the sunshine’s shine with the people who love you.

2. You can feel more relaxed on your wedding day, because natural surroundings often brings an air of casual elegance. Bring a feel of comfort to friends and family in an open and free environment that surrounds an outdoor wedding and you. You’ll feel more at ease with your guests.

3. You can create fabulous memories. You can view photographs of you and the one you love against the backdrop of mountains or the sea. Even a backyard lends it’s self to beauty especially if the landscaping has been arranged to suit your needs!

4. You can be original. Some couples choose an outdoor wedding because their special day means so much. They want to make it different then anything they have yet attended. They can pull out all the stops and have a truly one of a kind wedding. A forest glade or beach can lean to a very lavish wedding and a sunset backdrop is a decoration that cannot be purchased in any store.

5. You have more options when choosing a landscape. You many only have a few churches or community centers to choose from in your area; when you decide on a traditional indoor wedding but an outdoor wedding has an almost unlimited amount of venues to choose from. Since you can use a tent or open air, many new ideas and options will be available to you. Making your wedding a unique reflection of the two of you.

6. How many weddings have made you felt like a stranger fulfilling a social obligation? Involving family in an outdoor wedding can relieve this feeling. An outdoor wedding can be a small affair in a backyard or in a field. This gives you the option of using a family members home or a favorite gathering place of close relations. This gives you the opportunity to get your family members involved in the joining of the newest member. It also gives a more intimate and welcoming feel to your wedding.

7. If casual is what you want, outdoor is an easy choice. Picture children running along the waves of the beaches chasing seagulls instead of being held properly in momma’s lap. An evening wedding on a beautiful lawn as people mingle and chat can be as memorable as a huge formal wedding.

8. You can make your guests feel as if they are part of a vacation. Because you will be able to have your wedding in a park or historical area your out of town guests will get a chance to gaze at the natural wonders around them. Your guests will feel more as if they had travel to sight see then just share in your wedding. Also, when the guest is able to be in beautiful surroundings in a comfortable atmosphere they will be more at ease and able to enjoy meeting the newest addition to the family.

9. Young couples and old can enjoy becoming more involved. Many families can relax in the outside sunshine and feel the wind blowing around them as they share in your union. An outdoor wedding will give you the opportunity to get your loved ones involved in your ceremony. From allowing children off laps when tired to being more relaxed because everyone mingled around a lovely area until the proceedings start. Every one will be able to lend a hand getting the elderly seated or caring for a fussy child.

10. You can have a one of a kind wedding that your family and friends will remember for many, many years. Because your wedding won’t be like everyone else’s or the kind you and your guests have been to over and over again. Your wedding will be remembered and spoken of in fondly for years to come.

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