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Helpful Tips

American Weddings

    Starting from the engagement, Americans can think of unique ways to personalize their wedding. As there really isn't any engagement tradition, the more unique and memorable the marriage proposal is, the better.

    For most weddings, the engaged couple visits their parents to inform them of their engagement. Then, at times, the engaged couple hosts an engagement party. The engagement party costs less than a wedding reception since most of the time, the menu will only include cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Therefore, if the couple is on a tight budget, they can just invite more guests to the engagement party if they plan to limit the number of guests during the wedding.

    Most wedding preparations include a bridal shower hosted by the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. The groom may also have a bachelor party the night before the wedding, but he has to be careful not to drink too more

Wedding Favors
    If you are not a major chocolate fan, or you are concerned about the heat melting your chocolate favors, you could go for sugared balls or Fruitini jellies.

    Again, these look fantastic when presented in tall vases or ice cream glasses. If you want to create a gentle fairytale effect, go for Fruitini jellies in pastel shades. Fruitini jellies finish off any table beautifully, especially if it's a garden party wedding with bundles of baby pink flowers - how sweet!

    The sugared balls give a wedding a more modern feel with their metallic finish. These look great on tables for an evening reception, perhaps with lots of candles to reflect their stunning colors. more

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