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Funky Wedding Favors Did It For Me!

By Emily Tanner

Last month, we attended the wedding of a good friend. Everything about the day was completely individual from the bride's dress to the personalized candy wrappers.

It was these funky wedding favors that did it for me - what a fantastic idea! It seems that lately, all of the weddings we have been to blend in to each other with no particular distinguishing features separating them from one another.

Of course, every wedding is special but it just goes to prove that the little details make a big difference to a guest's opinion.

The day started with a simple registry office service after which we blew champagne bubbles over the happy couple. The groom [who is a firm believer in all things 'green'] had suggested the bubbles as an alternative to confetti. He explained what a nightmare confetti was to clear up and how much of it these days is not biodegradable. They really are quite an eccentric couple with some interesting ideas, though I agree that the bubbles were far less messy than confetti and - in actual fact - far more romantic!

The bride's dress was absolutely incredible - the detail was really quite extraordinary. As for the bridesmaids, their dresses were 50's prom-style in warm pink with orange sashes. Believe it or not, the colors worked brilliantly, despite how awful they sound.

They were [so I later discovered] to match the personalized candy wedding favors awaiting us at the reception venue.

The reception venue was completely kitted out in orange and pink. It was like Cinderella meets Bollywood! Organza drapes hung from the windows and the tables were scattered with orange and pink rose petals. The floral centrepieces consisted of tiger lilies, gerberas and roses with oodles of draped ivory.

The place settings were finished off with funky wedding favors in the form of personalized candy bars. At each place was a perfectly placed chocolate bar all encased in gold foil and finished with a personalized candy wrapper. Each candy wrapper was [naturally] orange and pink in color and had 'Katie and Simon' printed on the front. They really were the king of funky favors!

Personally, I wasn't sure about the color theme before seeing it. However, once I saw it all together I couldn't believe how great it all looked. They must have worked so hard to match all of the colors up together, I mean, I didn't even know that you could buy personalized candy that actually co-ordinated with the rest of your wedding! It looked awesome!

As the evening progressed, everyone made polite chit chat. However, the one thing that everyone kept talking about was the personalized candy wrappers. What a fantastic idea and [more importantly] what delicious chocolate!

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