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Bachelor Party

By Gail Leino

Before the old ball and chain takes its place securely around the grooms ankle, he is permitted one last night of freedom, in the form of a bachelor party. Single or married, young or old, all men feel a sense of liberty and comradery along with the groom. It's a chance to cut loose, create memories and celebrate the upcoming marriage in true "guy" fashion.

For the frisky man this calls for a night of half naked girls, an abundance of alcohol and fervent prayers that their future brides don't find out about it. For other men, the thought of their future wives is enough excitement; the half naked girls can be left for the guys who don't have a beautiful woman to go home to.

The groom and his closest friends and family members can rent a large limousine to go bar hopping or to just drive around the area. Other men are a little more conventional. A night out at a fun restaurant with a group of their closest buddies is enjoyable enough. Consider a night out at a sports bar cheering on the favorite team or visiting an arcade that is geared more towards adults then towards kids.

A bachelor party can also be held during the day instead of at night. What about a day filled with his closest buddies out on the golf course or at a batting cage? What about going boating; spending the day out on the water fishing, drinking beer and avoiding a sunburn.

If you are looking for more great ideas for bachelor parties or for fun gifts or decorations, go to It doesn't really matter what the guys are out doing just as long as they are having a great time celebrating the grooms last night of bachelorhood.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. More ideas, party supplies, favors, decorations and Free Bridal Shower Games online.

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